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Name Name of picture, Date

Bazille, Jean Frédéric


Self-Portrait, 1865-1866

Landscape at Chailly, 1865

Landscape at Chailly, 1865

Bernard, Émile Still Life with Fruit, 1890
Besnard, Paul-Albert Woman's Head, c. 1890
Boldini, Giovanni Portrait of Mme. Lina Cavalieri, 1901
Bonnard, Pierre

Earthly Paradise, 1916–1920

The Seine at Vernonnet, c. 1930

The Checkered Tablecloth, 1939

Boudin, Eugène

Approaching Storm, 1864

Washerwomen at the Edge of the Pond, 1880-1885

La Touques near Deauville, 1883

Braque, Georges

Antwerp, 1906

Landscape at L'Estaque, autumn 1906

Little Harbor in Normandy, spring 1909

Still Life with Glass, Dice, Newspaper and Playing Card, 1913

Still Life, 1914

Woman at an Easel (Green Screen), 1936

Still Life with Fruits and Stringed Instrument, 1938

Wheatfield, c. 1951

Camoin, Charles Jeune marseillaise, 1904–1905
Caillebotte, Gustave

Paris Street; Rainy Day, 1877

Calf's Head and Ox Tongue, c. 1882

Cassatt, Mary

After the Bullfight, 1873

Young Mother, 1888

The Child's Bath, 1893

Mother and Child, c. 1900

Mother and Little Girl, 1902

Young Mother Nursing Her Child, 1906

Paul Cézanne

Study for L'Autopsie, 1867-1869

L'Estaque, 1870-1872

Figure Studies Around an Engraving of an Ornamental Vase, 187-1872

Guillaumin with the Hanged Man, 1873

Landscape at Auvers, 1873

Auvers, Panoramic View, 1873-1875

Sketchbook No. 2 (L'Estaque), 1875-1886

The Plate of Apples, c. 1877

Milk Jug and Spirit Stove, 1879-1882

Standing Bather, Seen from the Back, 1879–1882

Montagne Sainte-Victoire, c. 1885

Road in Provence, c. 1885

The Bay of Marseilles, Seen from L'Estaque, c. 1885

House on a River, 1885-1890

Mercury (after Pigalle), 1885-1895

Study of a Harlequin, c. 1888

Madame Cézanne in a Yellow Chair, 1888–1890

The Vase of Tulips, c. 1890

The Basket of Apples, c. 1893

Hercules Resting, 1897

Self-Portrait, 1898

Pistachio Tree at Château Noir, c. 1900

Bathers, 1890-1900 (3)

The Bathers, 1899-1904

The Three Skulls, 1902-1906

Man Wearing a Straw Hat, 1905-1906


Corot, Camille

View of Genoa, 1834

Monte Pincio, Rome, 1840-1850

Bathing Nymphs and Child, 1855-1860

Souvenir of the Environs of Lake Nemi, 1865

Wounded Eurydice, 1868-1870

Interrupted Reading, c. 1870

Arleux-Palluel, The Bridge of Trysts, 1871-1872

Corinth, Lovis

Self-Portrait, 1917

Self-Portrait, 1924

Cross, Henri-Edmond Beach at Cabasson (Baigne-Cul), 1891–1892
Daumier, Honoré

Fatherly Discipline, 1851-1852

The Print Collector, c. 1857–1863

The Three Judges, 1858-1860

Family Scene, c. 1865

The Three Connoisseurs, after 1869

Degas, Edgar

Italian Head, c. 1856

Young Spartan Girls Challenging Boys, c. 1860

Edouard Manet, Bust-Length Portrait, 1864-1865

Manet Seated, Turned to the Right, 1864-1865

Mme. Michel Musson and Her Daughters, Estelle and Désirée, January 6, 1865

Four Studies of a Jockey, 1866

Portrait of Mme Lisle and Mme Loubens, 1866-1870

Yellow Dancers (In the Wings), 1874-1876

Dancer Bending Forward, 1874-1879

Henri Degas and His Niece Lucie Degas (The Artist's Uncle and Cousin), 1875-1876

Horse with Jockey; Horse Galloping, Turning Head to the Right, Feet Not Touching the Ground, modeled mid-1870s

On the Stage, 1876-1877

Café-Concert (The Spectators), c. 1876-1877

Ballet at the Paris Opera, 1877

Singers on the Stage, 1877-1879

Dancer Stretching at the Bar, c. 1877-1880

Café Singer, 1879

Portrait after a Costume Ball (Portrait of Madame Dietz-Monnin), 1879

Mary Cassatt in the Painting Gallery of the Louvre, 1879-1880

Three Studies of a Dancer in Fourth Position, 1879-1880

The Star, 1879-1881

The Millinery Shop, 1879-1886

Retiring, c. 1883

Spanish Dance, modeled c. 1883

Harlequin, 1885

Arabesque, modeled 1885-1890

The Bathers, 1885-1895

The Morning Bath, 1887-1890

The Tub, modeled 1889

Landscape with Smokestacks, c. 1890

Two Dancers, c. 1893–1898

Breakfast after the Bath, 1895-1898

After the Bath (Woman Drying Her Feet), c. 1900

Woman at Her Toilette, 1900-1905

Dancer Putting on Her Stockings, modeled 1900-1912

Woman Seated in an Armchair, modeled c. 1903

Denis, Maurice Easter Mystery , 1891
Derain, André

Forest at Martigues, c. 1908–1909

Landscape, c. 1920-1925

Ballet Dancer, late 1920s

Landscape in Provence, c. 1930

Dongen, Kees van Femme au fond blanc, 1910-1914
Dufy, Raoul Open Window, Nice, 1928
Ensor, James Still Life with Fish and Shells, 1898
Fantin-Latour, Henri

Édouard Manet, 1867

Still Life: Corner of a Table, 1873

Still Life with Flowers, 1881

Roses in a Bowl, 1881

Forain, Jean-Louis

Tight-Rope Walker, c. 1885

In the Wings, 1899

Gauguin, Paul

Wood Tankard and Metal Pitcher, 1880

Arlésiennes (Mistral), 1888

Woman in Front of a Still Life by Cézanne, 1890

The Big Tree (Te raau rahi), 1891

The Hibiscus Tree (Te Burao), 1892

The Ancestors of Tehamana OR Tehamana Has Many Parents (Merahi metua no Tehamana), 1893

Day of the God (Mahana no Atua), 1894

Why Are You Angry? (No Te Aha Oe Riri), 1896

Polynesian Woman with Children, 1901

Gogh, Vincent van

Weeping Woman, 1883

Tetards (Pollards), 1884

A Peasant Woman Digging in Front of Her Cottage, c. 1885

The Carrot Puller, 1885

Grapes, Lemons, Pears, and Apples, 1887

Self-Portrait, 1887

Fishing in Spring, the Pont de Clichy (Asnières), 1887

Terrace and Observation Deck at the Moulin de Blute-Fin, Montmartre, early 1887

The Poet's Garden, 1888

Weeping Tree, 1889

Madame Roulin Rocking the Cradle (La Berceuse), 1889

The Bedroom, 1889

Cypresses, 1889

Cottages with a Woman Working in the Middle Ground, 1890

The Drinkers, 1890


Guillaumin, Armand The Arcueil Aqueduct at Sceaux Railroad Crossing, 1874
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